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We are glad (and relieved) to announce we have re-launched our new website due to technical issues.

Once again, you will find the same new features and even more equipment that we hope will make your visit just as exciting and interesting.


Here’s some of what you expect at a glance:

- View all our equipment and prices

- Place online orders

- View our latest specials

- Download updated price lists


Dont forget that while are based in Durban, we still deliver to Johannesburg, Cape Town or anywhere else in South Africa for just 20% more.


You may also share many of the content on the Wonder Eduquip site with your friends and colleagues, by email, facebook and other social networking sites.

You are welcome to browse around to find out more about our products. And don’t forget to send us feedback to further improve our site and your experience.


We hope you enjoy your visit to our new website and come back soon!

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